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Are you tired of unnecessary censorship and even unwarranted government intrusion into a free internet? Bypass IP is the answer! We provide unlimited, free and anonymous access the the whole internet in a safe server environment. You can begin unblocking all the top social networks, check emails and read the latest news without leaving a trace. Sites such as facebook, twitter and youtube are easy to browse through our online encoder. The IP address your PC is currently displaying will change to our private dedicated server, this encrypts your connection.

All sorts of people, companies and other organisations have been known to spy on users of their internet service. Using a top bypassing system on a unique IP address is the best way to avoid threats. Each site shown is just a random variable added to each page of our site - instead of a direct link which is exposed and archived in the address bar. Innovation and adaptation keeps us ahead, so you get extra privacy protection. Type a website into the form & tap enter to begin.